Highest standards in all operations

At Woodville Pellets we are committed to exceeding the already strict industry requirements in all areas of our operations. On top of following all local laws and regulations we aim to be a step ahead of the global bioenergy sector standards and best management practices.

Our group’s European plants are industry frontrunners in efficiency, safety and environmental performance. We set our European achievements as an example for Woodville Pellets and use the central policies as the cornerstone for a sustainable kick- start.

Material sourcing

The material we use always follows the existing waste streams of the local forest and wood industry. The timber we source gives small and large forest owners as well as wood processors a possibility to create and get value from their harvesting leftovers and defected logs.

We only use certified vendors who have proven to understand and implement the requirements of sustainable forest management and chain of custody systems. We give preference to feedstock from certified forests but also accept material from small forest owners who have excellent procedures but have not gone through voluntary but expensive certification. Either way, we make sure that all material has equivalent controls carried out for legality, origin, environment and health and safety. This at both the supplier and factory levels. The whole procurement procedure is reviewed and audited annually to ensure credibility and effectiveness.


Sustainable sourcing

Woodville Pellets is SBP certified and applies the most recognized sustainable feedstock sourcing practices to all corners of its supply base. Before accepting new feedstock from geographies outside our current scope we make sure our sourcing procedures and potential mitigation measures are in line with the local and overall best practices.

Woodville Pellets is committed to implementing the traceability requirements, and to comply with the social, health, and safety requirements, of the PEFC chain of custody standard. The company’s commitment to meeting the requirements of the PEFC chain of custody standard has been communicated to upper management of the pellet plant.

Woodville Pellets sustainability policy and activities are in line with Graanul Invest Group’s sustainability report and web page.

Emissions minimization and resource efficiency

We heavily put effort and resources into environmental emissions minimization and resource efficiency. Our goal is to generate fewer emissions with enclosed systems instead of solely relying on output control systems. This can only be achieved through innovative technology and constant monitoring.

We provide and ensure a safe labor environment and create healthy working conditions for all employees and visitors. We carry out regular trainings and internal inspections so that development and implementation go hand in hand.

Upon making new decisions, we continuously evaluate their impact on labor safety, environment and energy performance, always opting in favour of improvement.


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