pellets: environmentally-friendly biofuel


Pellets constitute a 100% renewable natural resource and are a sustainable source of energy. Bioenergy is also currently one of the most cost-effective forms of renewable energy.

In the production process of pellets the woody biomass from wood and forest industry leftovers is first chipped, then dried and milled into fine sawdust, then pressed and finally cooled. This process results in wood pellets with a diameter of 6 mm. Pellets contain only natural untreated wood and up to 2% food-grade corn starch as a binder. This binder is not always used but is added to improve the durability of the pellets when necessary.


Biggest pellet producer in Europe

Graanul Invest Group pellet production capacity is 2,98 million short tons per year. We are the second-largest pellet producer in the world and the largest in Europe.

Group produces industrial pellets and premium pellets - about 90% of production is industrial pellets. Currently our pellets are exported to clients mainly in the UK, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium and Italy.

Quality standards

Humidity 5...8%

NCV  16,5 MJ/kg

Weight ≥ 645 kg/m3

Ash residue ≤ 1,5%

Mechanical strength ≥ 98%