About Woodville Pellets

Woodville Pellets

Woodville Pellets LLC is a wood biomass pellet manufacturer in Woodville, Texas, USA. The company has a manufacturing facility in Woodville, Texas and a pellet storage and shipping terminal in Port Arthur, Texas. Woodville Pellets was purchased by Graanul Invest Group in June 2019.

Woodville pellet plant is located in an area that has ample access to local feedstock supply. The vast majority of the pellets are produced using locally sourced roundwood and chips that are purchased through a reliable vendor.

Woodville Pellets pellet plant has a production capacity of

496 000 short tons per year

Graanul Invest Group

Graanul Invest operates in the field of bioenergy and renewable energy production, forestry and biomaterials development.

Graanul Invest is a private company that has 16 years of experience in wood processing. The group is the second-largest pellet producer in the world and the largest in Europe. Graanul Invest Group is also the biggest independent renewable energy producers in the Baltic Sea region. The group employs over 660 people.

Graanul Invest Group has 12 modern wood pellet mills and company´s annual pellet production capacity is 2,98 million short tons

The group owns 6 combined heat and power plants that are biomass-based units that generate heat and power at the same time from wood industry leftover material.

Graanul Investi Group includes three forestry companies that have over 50,000 hectares of forestland to manage in the Baltics. The group plants yearly over a million trees. 

We are the most reliable wood pellet producer and supplier in the world.

Graanul Invest Group: www.graanulinvest.com